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    Today, we are in the midst of a technology shift driving growth and innovation. Cloud, analytics, social business, and mobile solutions aren’t simply remaking computing, they are remaking business processes and organizations. These new technologies and applications are driving the huge growth in data volumes and the need for systems with the performance to process it. Accelaway helps companies identify, implement, and maintain this next generation of IT operations for small, midsized and large businesses.

    This new era represents an opportunity for companies to reshape the value they deliver, but complexity and risk are standing in the way. So how can large, midsized and small companies make sure they accelerate ahead of their competition? First, begin by identifying the value that new technologies including cloud computing can bring to your technology operations. Next, explore the solutions with secure and proven capabilities. Last, grow or even shrink to the right technology environment that will increase security, lower cost, improve process performance, and deliver greater value to your customers and the users within your organization.

    Cloud computing provides an alternative to traditional in-house deployment of hardware, software and network services. It can help you address the challenges of tight capital expense budgets, high labor costs, lengthy development and deployment cycles and limited IT staff. The critical key to success, as with most any technology initiative, is to evaluate the affected business processes. Failed technology implementations are most often due to lack of focus and effort spent redesigning and improving business processes involved in using, supporting, and maintaining the new technology systems.

    The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. Bill Gates

    The technology strategies and solutions today will often require integrating cloud-delivered services with your on-premise systems. When it comes to architecting, implementing, and operating public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, Accelaway has years of hands-on experience. If you are ready to move your Technology Management forward and enable business agility and efficiency, Accelaway can help.

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    Accelaway helps companies...

    • Incorporate an agile approach to Technology Management which reduces reduce the lead time and economic risk associated with deploying new business applications.
    • Reduce costs by strategically and pragmatically adopting alternatives to owning, maintaining and operating server, storage, network and software infrastructures.
    • Redesign IT infrastructures to deliver new solutions requiring fewer skills and resources to support and maintain.
    • Identify and provide technology solutions based on a more flexible, cost-effective virtualized IT platform that support an agile business.
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