Solutions: Host Analytics Modeling Cloud

While many organizations have implemented cloud-based EPM applications to better manage the financial close, budgeting and planning processes, most line-of-business analysts continue to live in a world of disconnected spreadsheets.

Host Analytics Modeling helps bridge the divide by linking financial and operational models to financial plans and forecasts. It’s a cloud-based modeling engine that works seamlessly with the other modules in Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite to unite financial and operational planning.

The Modeling module allows users to perform advanced modeling on large volumes of data by creating what-if scenarios and adding members and calculations on the fly in their own environment. Offering Excel, web, and mobile user interfaces, Host Analytics Modeling allows users to quickly perform real-time interactive data exploration with self-service query and analysis capabilities. After analysis and collaboration, their model can then be incorporated into the overall corporate model.

Empowering Finance and Operations Users

  • INTERACTIVE QUERY & ANALYSIS - Perform multidimensional analysis with speed-of-thought response time. Zoom in or out, pivot data, keep or remove members, refresh the data and write data back to the model.
  • ADVANCED MODELING - Financial and operational business users can take their ‘slice’ of corporate data and add dimensions, members and calculations on the fly. Users can incorporate financial or non-financial drivers into the models and update the corporate model when they decide.
  • Excel-based Reporting. Harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store. Once a report is created in Excel it can be accessed anywhere – Excel, web or mobile interface.