Solutions: Host Analytics Planning Cloud

Automate and Unify the Planning Process

Free yourself from the drudgery of manual budget data collection. Owners submit their budgets via familiar cloud-based templates that automatically consolidate numbers into a single source. Attach instructions and build-in assumptions to ensure consistent processes among contributors. With process management and automation tools, Finance has a bird’s eye view — easily track process completion and identify bottlenecks. Eliminate the risk of errors with a built-in audit trail.

Drive Engagement with an Excel Front-end

Give you and your team more time to focus on what matters. A familiar Excel interface makes the application easy to use and fast to adopt. With familiar formulas, standard spreadsheet layouts, and copy and paste functionality, business users and finance alike will be up and running quickly. Robust formatting, calculations, and drag and drop capabilities combined with an OLAP cube on the back-end all ensure that finance teams can efficiently run and maintain reports in the system efficiently. All this without broken links and unwieldy spreadsheets!

Go Live Fast and Simple Maintenance

Migrate from Excel or legacy on-premises systems in record time by reusing your current investment in models and reports through built-in import functionality using AirliftXL. Easy to set up templates and reporting provide flexibility to support growing business requirements. Once you are live, Host Analytics Planning is easily maintained by finance with no regular IT assistance required, even when modifying the Chart of Accounts.