Solutions: Host Analytics Premier Services


Accelaway provides premier implementation and support services for Host Analytics -- the leading cloud-based platform empowering the finance organization. While other organizations, such as sales and marketing, have long been using cloud-based platforms like Salesforce and others to accelerate their performance and delivery greater value to the business, the finance function has been left behind cobbling together endless spreadsheets. The reasons for the overuse of such a common tool as Excel is that we undervalue the time our finance professionals spend churning away in Excel. We all know Excel is an excellent hammer to pound away on many things, but we also know there is a better way.

Host Analytics is the better way and the best tool for finance to use when it comes to planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidations and reporting. When you value speed and time, Host Analytics is a winning business case you can have running within weeks. Using Accelaway's proven approach to implementing and getting the most of your Host Analytics solution, you become the master of your Host Analytics environment and achieve accelerated success.

If you are ready to start moving forward fast, Accelaway can help.

Why the Host Analytics Cloud Platform?

  • Enjoy easy administration. No need to wait for IT.
  • Save time and money by configuring your own application.
  • No consultants or lengthy implementations.
  • Go live faster. No hardware or software to install.
  • Free yourself from the burden of upgrades. Innovation is included.

Key Features of the Host Analytics Cloud Platform:

  • COMPLIANCE - Host Analytics undergoes annual SSAE 16 Type 2 SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits and internal compliance assessments, helping to ensure your compliance with critical regulatory requirements.
  • SECURITY - Your data is stored using AES-256 encryption and backed up hourly. For your protection, no logical communication is allowed between customer databases.
  • RELIABILITY - Your service agreement includes a 99.5% uptime guarantee. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans ensure continued operations in the face of natural disasters or major incidents
  • INTEGRATION - Seamlessly integrate with your existing data sources for a more holistic view of your financial and operational data.