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    Accelaway helps companies reset their thinking about financial planning and analysis and use that knowledge to maximize leadership performance. Ultimately, leaders who progress along the decision process fastest can respond quicker to their customer needs and market opportunities. Helping companies adopt processes and systems that support speed, enhance agility and accelerate decision cycles is at the heart of what Accelaway does for its clients.

    The budgeting process at most companies has to be the most ineffective practice in management. It sucks the energy, time, fun and big dreams out of an organization. It hides opportunity and stunts growth. In fact when companies win, in most cases it is despite their budgets, not because of them. Jack Welch

    When in a race, what we want as business leaders is to be able to choose the best action from a range of possible activities. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the traditional plans and budgets which often inhibit agility. Accelaway helps companies adopt the 12 Beyond Budgeting Principles and transform their financial planning and analysis process to accelerate past their competition:

    • 1Bind people to a common cause; not a central plan.
    • 2Govern through shared values and sound judgment; not detailed rules and regulations.
    • 3Make information open and transparent; don't restrict and control it.
    • 4Organize around a seamless network of accountable teams; not centralized functions.
    • 5Trust teams to regulate their performance; don't micro-manage them.
    • 6Base accountability on holistic criteria and peer reviews; not on hierarchical relationships.
    • 7Set ambitious medium-term goals, not short-term fixed targets.
    • 8Base rewards on relative performance; not on meeting fixed targets.
    • 9Make planning a continuous and inclusive process; not a top-down annual event.
    • 10Coordinate interactions dynamically; not through annual budgets.
    • 11Make resources available just-in-time; not just-in-case.
    • 12Base controls on fast, frequent feedback; not budget variances.

    If you are ready to start moving forward fast, Accelaway can help.

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    Accelaway helps companies...

    • Manage Continuously - shift to rolling forecasts, thus eliminating the huge work-spike caused by annual budgeting while keeping finance future-focused.
    • Set Targets - shift managers to relevant time frames that fit your business rather than arbitrary targets aligned with financial reporting periods.
    • Decouple Incentives - convert the pay-for-negotiated-results system into a pay-for-performance system measured against peers.
    • Adopt Agile Planning - focus management on making the organization more agile to provide faster responses to changing conditions.
    • Create More Value - free up time wasted in annual budgeting negotiations and to focus on continuous planning to drive sustainable business improvement.
    • Extend Accountability - make teams more accountable by shifting control to relative key performance indicators, focusing managers and team leaders on improving costs and results.
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