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    In this rapidly changing business world, there is a high demand for change and transformation. The consequences of poor execution can not only be costly, but can cripple a company's future. While business leaders are tasked with both cost reduction and innovation to be more competitive, it is no surprise that virtually every company has transformational change on the agenda. Accelaway helps businesses meet these challenges and achieve sustainable results.

    Accelaway’s Change & Transformation method is a vision led, benefits driven transformation journey for businesses of any size. The method encompasses the whole business from the initial identification of the business need for change to achieving the desired results. While the journey begins with an upfront vision, Accelaway’s method provides an agile approach to iteratively define and refine requirements and solutions at every stage. The overall framework is highly scalable and flexible to fit most any sized change initiative.

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle

    Too many projects achieve temporary benefits by forcing an unsustainable surge in productivity, reducing headcount, or attempting process shortcuts. The key to Accelaway’s Change & Transformation method is the development of new agile business habits that support sustainable change and maintain flexibility to continuously improve beyond transformation. This involves not only thinking about the primary scope of change, but also improving the core processes, technologies and organization in a way that encourages a culture of true innovation and business agility.

    Accelaway understands that companies need to achieve improvements today that will provide sustainable performance gains well into the future. Many consulting firms and methodologies fall short and can only handle pieces of the puzzle without an ability to adjust appropriately. Accelaway’s Change & Transformation methodology is designed to encompass the full lifecycle of transformational change with the flexibility to adjust specifically to your needs. If transformational change is on your priority list, Accelaway can help.

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    Accelaway helps companies...

    • Initiation - determine the strategic need for transformation, formulate the strategic outcomes, and outline the strategic benefits.
    • Visioning - develop the vision statement with outcomes, outline the future operating model, and outline the business case.
    • Shaping & Planning - produce the full business case including the scope and objectives, logical design of the solution, project team structure, governance, and high-level time and cost plans
    • Designing - create detailed design for processes and define the functional specifications for the organization and technology components.
    • Creation - design the new organization to support the new ways of working, create new and updated process documentation, and configure and test the technology components.
    • Proving & Transition - conduct user acceptance testing (UAT) and operational acceptance testing (OAT) to prove the readiness of the change, prepare the technology and train the business for transition, and actually perform the "go live" transition.
    • Stabilization - tune and stabilize the solution, optimize the technology components, validate full adoption by the business, and identify early benefits.
    • Benefits Realization - measure and evaluate the benefits realized, identify and make improvements to the solutions that support the vision and objectives.
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